Purchasing Made Easy on Your Enterprise System

"ACQUION has been working with systems integrators such as Deloitte Touche to interface and enable effective purchasing solutions to enterprise systems… Utilizing GETS with an SAP procurement solution saves money, increases security and enables users to take advantage of a robust, yet complex enterprise solution." – Steve Hamman, VP of Customer Solutions

GETS reduces costs for establishing and maintaining supplier catalog information within the enterprise system. ACQUION’s catalog experts ensure that catalogs are constructed to maximize search speed and result relevancy. Suppliers update their catalogs within GETS, alleviating the costly processes of maintaining the accurate catalog data required for procurement. The availability of accurate supplier data also reduces the number of material masters and related information records needed to be maintained within the enterprise system. top

GETS greatly reduces the training costs required for requisitioners and procurement professionals learning to use enterprise systems. GETS utilizes intuitive, graphical user interfaces so that even first-time users can simultaneously search supplier catalogs and inventory, and build BOMs by adding desired items to a shopping basket – with no training whatsoever. Meanwhile, the complex queries needed to search databases using enterprise systems mandate in-depth, costly training sessions. Reducing these training requirements can save a corporation millions of dollars. top

GETS enables users to take full advantage of their enterprise system without adding layers of complexity or compromising the system’s powerful functionality. GETS follows the business rules set by the client within the enterprise system for executing functions such as automatic general ledger validations or inventory searches within the enterprise system databases. Most importantly, GETS utilizes the enterprise system’s user ids and data tables, allowing the enterprise system to control all security issues. top

GETS increases the security of a client’s enterprise system. In order to keep information accurate, some corporations allow multiple suppliers to "push" over their firewall (potentially jeopardizing security). With GETS, all information is updated at ACQUION, so suppliers are never permitted inside the enterprise system’s firewall. Clients control the update schedule, "pulling" updates whenever they need them, through a single point of entry. top

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