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SAP Client, CSR America, Inc., To Roll Out GETS For 200 Locations

GREENVILLE, SC, June 11, 1997 -- ACQUION, and leading SAP integrator, Deloitte & Touche, have collaborated with CSR America, Inc., to optimize GETS so that any SAP R/3 user, even without special training, can easily access and procure from multiple supplier catalogs with real-time interface to SAP’s R/3 business application solutions.

CSR America, Inc. (CSRA), a subsidiary of Australian-based CSR Ltd., one of the world’s largest suppliers of building materials for the construction industry, selected SAP to rationalize their business processes but wanted to pioneer a way to optimize purchasing operations. John Crockett, Director of Supply Management, recently commented, "The Materials Manager Module in SAP is more than adequate: it has a classification system, it provides a mechanism to search for items and it issues POs, but unfortunately it’s a rather cumbersome process. We currently use 10-15,000 different suppliers covering our 200 US sites; we wanted a solution that would minimize training requirements, maximize content and consolidate a burgeoning supplier universe."

CSRA is the first SAP client to implement ACQUION’s GETS and was an active contributor to the development process. Commenting on GETS as an enhancement to their SAP installation, Tim Gow, a member of CSRA’s SAP Implementation Team, explains, "GETS will allow people to spend as little time as possible on purchasing and as much as possible on their area of expertise. This happens in two important ways: First, the user-friendliness of the product makes creating POs in SAP quicker and easier. Second, GETS automates the complete purchasing cycle from supplier communications to invoice verification, providing accurate information with virtually no human intervention. On the administrative side, GETS reduces the time spent on catalog maintenance by orders of magnitude since ACQUION works very closely with suppliers to optimize the quality and timeliness of the catalog content."

"Our suppliers play an integral role in the procurement process and had to be considered in our evaluation of GETS. We believe the benefits of using GETS are as large for suppliers as they are for CSRA. Suppliers will save on transaction costs, order entry and customer inquiries; it will cost them less to do business with CSRA. There will be greater compliance with pre-negotiated supplier agreements which, combined with the fact that GETS is easy to use, will increase the number of purchases from suppliers with GETS catalogs," notes Crockett.

"I think industry is beginning to recognize how integral a role cataloging plays in achieving the so called supply-chain management model," comments Carl Falk, President of ACQUION. "CSRA is a reaffirmation for ACQUION that we can provide a unique product that is proving to be a linchpin for electronic commerce in the supply chain," notes Falk.

CSRA is best known for pre-mixed concrete, concrete pipes and concrete blocks. With over 23,000 employees in 23 countries, CSR’s US presence accounts for 6,800 employees and 200 sites nationwide. Worldwide revenues for 1996 approached $5 billion. CSRA currently spends upwards of $800 million in MRO purchases annually in the US alone.

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ACQUION, an affiliate of Fluor Daniel, was incorporated in 1994 to build upon Fluor Daniel's historic competency in supply chain management; ACQUION leverages the expertise of 1,100 procurement professionals worldwide. ACQUION's strategic focus is on supply chain management and acquisition-related services utilizing electronic commerce technology. To date, ACQUION has been unrivaled in providing innovative electronic supplier catalogs that offer up-to-date information. These electronic catalogs are the first to be integrated into today's enterprise and legacy computer systems.

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