Loading Your Catalog

One of the reasons why ACQUION's search engine is so fast is due to the standardized catalog data format we use in loading data into our main database. This standardized format is a data file with fields defined by ACQUION.

If you already have an electronic catalog, you can convert it to the ACQUION Data File Format using the instructions provided below.

Instructions for Data File Formats available as:

For your convenience, we’ve included the following tables as a point of reference when filling out your spreadsheet:

  • Product/Commodity Type Codes
  • Units of Measurement
  • Units or Basis for Price
  • Country Codes

These tables are available for download or on-line viewing.

If you do not have your surplus in electronic format, you can download our customized catalog spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel format):

Or, contact site@acquion.com if you would like us to provide a free estimate on entering your data for you.

ACQUION has experienced and helpful catalog specialists who will work with you. Just contact our Catalog Help Desk (catalogs@acquion.com) and provide a phone number if you would like to speak to someone in person. Otherwise, email us your questions and we’ll be happy to respond.

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