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No matter what the business trend of the day - right-sizing, outsourcing or re-engineering - the goal of running an organization is to optimize resources…and to make it show on the bottom line.

That's the mission of the Investment Recovery Association (IRA).

As the official professional association for managers of surplus and idle assets, IRA is the premier resource for companies and individuals engaged in profit-driven asset management.

We help our members and their companies make the most of their past investments…in everything from construction equipment to chemicals to real estate. By strategic use of recycling, redeployment, reselling and other innovative techniques, investment recovery professionals recover millions of dollars of value in often-forgotten assets.


That's the average savings achieved by U.S. investment recovery departments. In fact, companies report saving as much as $150 million a year with the help of investment recovery professionals.

And, according to IRA member data, 70 to 90 percent of every sales dollar generated by investment recovery goes straight to bottom-line profit.

IRA member companies - largely Fortune 1,000 companies, in virtually every industry - have been applying these regenerated dollars to their bottom lines for years.

If your company is not engaged in investment recovery, IRA can help you add this vital function to your organization. If you already practice investment recovery, make the most of your efforts through membership in the IRA.

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