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What is SITE?
  Surplus Search...

 Buyers: Locate items for inquiry or purchase.
 Sellers: Manage your catalog and edit, delete or modify your data.
  Bid Management

 Buyers: Review the status of Bids, Inquiries, Awards, and other seller responses.
 Sellers: Respond to bids and inquiries submitted by buyers.
  Surplus Network

 Buyers: Your total resource for surplus related products and services.
 Sellers: Advertise your (products and) services, post your company brochure.
  Auction Listings

 Buyers: View surplus offerings and get advance notice of exciting purchase opportunities. Privately bid for products.
 Sellers: Announce up-coming Auctions and invitations to bid.
  Bulletin Board

 Buyers: Post items you are looking for, FREE!
 Sellers: Visit the bulletin board to see what buyers are looking for, it might be just the thing you are looking to unload!