What's a frames-compatible browser, and why would I need one?

On our ACQUION web site and many other sites on the Internet, you may see a message like this:

We're sorry, but your web browser does not support the <FRAMES> feature.

The FRAME feature is a web browser feature that allows you to see more than one web page on screen at the same time. These multiple pages appear in seperate windows. Most often, frames are used to make navigation easier. We use frames to provide an easier browsing experience for our customers.

ACQUION's Internet products support frames. Our web site detects if you have a frames-capable browser and activates frames whenever possible.

The following web browsers do not work with frames and should be updated:

Browsers WITHOUT Frame Features: you may use these browsers to register for our products.

  • America On-Line v1.0 through v2.5
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer v1.0
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer v2.0
  • Netscape Navigator 1.x

The following are recommended browsers that may be downloaded from the browser's home web site.

If you cannot obtain a newer browser through one of the links below, please contact your Internet service provider (America On-Line, CompuServe, NetCom, or whatever on-line service you use to access the Internet) for more information.

Browsers WITH Frame Features: you may use these browsers to register for and use all features of our products:

  • To determine what browser version you have, select your browser's "Help" menu, and pick "About..."
  • Alternatively, click the "Browser Type" link below. You will see a screen containing your browser's "Mozilla" version. If your browser does not mention a "Mozilla" version equal to or greater than 2.0, you must upgrade your web browser to use web pages that require frames.
  • Check your Browser Type here.

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